Bathroom Faucets

Different Types of Bath Faucets Explained

It’s clear you are looking for a new faucet for your bathroom or you wouldn’t have found this page so in this post we are going to explain the different types of faucets there are and we are going to take a close look at some modern and old-fashioned faucets for you to choose from. Besides going to the obvious online shopping site, Amazon that is, we are also getting some inspiration from Home Spa Select as their selection is rather unique.

There are 4 types of faucets

Single hole faucets – those are the most simple ones that nearly every home has, and you only need to drill one hole to install it properly, the spout and handles are combined into one single lever which makes for ease of use.

Center set faucets – these models come with two levels, one for hot water and one for cold water. Obviously, you’d need to drill multiple holes and you might want to hire a specialist to install one as it takes some extra work to do it right

Widespread mounts – opposed to the center set faucets these come in three different pieces, they are a bit longer than the usual ones which make for a stylish design, in other words extremely suitable for the modern bathroom.

Wall mount faucets – I suppose this is rather self-explanatory, you mount these on the walls instead of on your actual bathtub. If you are a fan of modern designs this is definitely a must one as every detail counts when you want to sell your house for a profit later on and the bathroom is no exception to that. You’d be surprised how much value interested buyers give to bathroom and kitchen amenities.

The best faucets described

It’s impossible to say what is the best faucet as it obviously depends on personal preference and with thousands of models to choose from you can’t really comment on what is best or not, but what we can do instead is look at some popular models. Let’s start with some models that are for sale on, and after that, we look at some of the models that Home Spa has to offer.

Aquafaucet Wall Mount

This model is on top of the search page of Amazon and costs a little under fifty dollars. It’s a very nice design actually that wouldn’t feel misplaced in a modern bathroom. It’s a single hole faucet so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to install it either, just drill a hole in the wall and you’ve done most of the leg work, do make sure where the pipes are or hire a specialist to help you. The buyers have been kind and rated it and as a result of that, it has an average rating of 4-stars which is definitely not bad.

Modern Bathroom Faucet

I’m not sure what brand this is as this is how they describe it and when I look at the photo I don’t find it all that modern at all and it would definitely not be my choice in this cheap golden look. Furthermore, it looks like a very traditional model that they would categorize as modern in the sixties. The reviews aren’t all that great either so now you know what to avoid. Unless you are into vintage.

Dr. Faucet Led Waterfall

I understand this is not for everyone, and the color doesn’t really speak to my imagination with the green LED light, but it does give a nice effect and I’m sure others can appreciate it. It’s definitely too modern for me though but you might like it. It isn’t very cheap either at $200 and with zero reviews I wonder if anyone actually purchased it. Currently, there’s only one left so perhaps it’s a sample from a Chinese factory they are trying to resell here, who knows.

Faucets from Home Spa Select

Although Amazon’s search function has disappointed us quite a bit they did a much better job at Home Spa.

Delta Roman Tub Trim

Although the design is rather classic the shape is very smooth and it wouldn’t misfit in a modern bathroom at all. You truly can’t compare this to the modern bathroom faucet that we spoke earlier about. The bronze color and the stainless steel material make sure it won’t rust and stay in tip-top shape for a long time. At $150 and plenty of positive reviews, I can definitely recommend this model.

Delta Floor Mount Faucet

It’s clear they are a fan of Delta and for good reason as they know how to design things that stand out from the crowd. Not that I’m pleased with every model but this is definitely a unique feature and with the pipes coming from under the floor it takes very little work to mount this. In other words a great option.