5 Must-Have Tips for Using a Pressure Washer to Do Household Chores

Pressure washers are one of those great inventions that have made doing some routine household chores a lot easier. Many people like myself use these machines to help keep their properties sparking clean. In fact, my two most favorite tasks to complete using a pressure washer are washing the car and cleaning the siding.

When I first started using a pressure washer, I made numerous mistakes, causing myself many frustrations – some of which ended up being quite costly. If you’re a first time user, you might want to learn from my experience and avoid repeating my mistakes. Here are the five most important things I have learned about pressure washers for home use:

1. Learn What You Can and Can’t Clean Using This Tool


Not all the hard materials and surfaces in and around a home should be cleaned using a pressure washer. You might be surprised to find out what kind of things are easily damaged when one of these machines are used on them. When I first got my first pressure washer, I wanted to use it to clean, well just about everything. I thought my common sense would be enough to get me by, but I was wrong – way wrong! I ended up costing myself hundreds of dollars in damage. Silly me. Before cleaning anything using a power washer, be sure to check whether it should be cleaned this way, and, if it can, what technique you should use.

2. Practice Handling the Pressure

Pressure Washer 1It is one thing to watch people clean stuff on YouTube and quite another to be the one doing the cleaning. Some people can make it looks so easy, but bloopers happen. Instead of risking your car’s paint job, for example, to your novice-level handling of the equipment, you might want to first practice on something far less valuable, such as a garbage can. This way, when you do go to clean your car, home’s exterior, or other property of significant value, you’ll be less prone to blunders – reducing the risk of costly damage.

3. Just Because the Experts Can Do It Doesn’t Mean That You Can

arblue118-300x231There are some professionals who offer pressure washing as a service. Homeowners hire such professionals to perform certain cleaning tasks – not because these homeowners don’t own pressure washers, are too lazy, or don’t have the time to do the work themselves, but because they know the pros know how to get the job done right. I am a big fan of the do-it-yourself home improvement movement, but have come to appreciate the fact that there are some things – such as pressure washing my gutters – that I simply haven’t mastered.

4. Make Studying How-To Guides Your New Hobby

Commercial-Pressure-WashersThere is a plethora of helpful information online about how to use a pressure washer, including specialized tips for each type of cleaning task you would like to use the machine to perform. If you own a one of these tools, then you should make a habit of learning about the different tips and techniques that will make you more capable when using it. On one side, such a habit is beneficial because it helps ensure you are able to get plenty of usage out of the machine. On the other, it serves as a buffer against mishaps due to inexperience. You may be surprised like I was to discover just how much fun researching pressure washer best practices can be.

5. Do Diligent Research Before Buying

61JgIdQXv+L._SL1446_Don’t end up wasting your money buying the wrong brand or model. As much as I would like to make a recommendation, I cannot tell you which one the best pressure washer for your home is. There are a number of factors that must be considered when making such a determination. However, if you have a good idea about the ways you will use the machine, then you can check out information and review websites such as Wash Wisely to gain the insight needed to make a smart purchasing decision. Not only do you want to make sure that the tool you choose is made to satisfy your intended purposes, but you also should check that the machine is high quality, of adequate capacity, and built-to-last.

If you are a wise owner, then will be able to enjoy all the potential benefits owning a pressure washer holds for you. However, if you do not make the effort to be a wise owner, then you may ending up having to pay yourself compensation for the blunders and resulting damages that you caused.

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