Bathroom Faucets

Different Types of Bath Faucets Explained

It’s clear you are looking for a new faucet for your bathroom or you wouldn’t have found this page so in this post we are going to explain the different types of faucets there are and we are going to take a close look at some modern and old-fashioned faucets for you to choose from. Besides going to the obvious online shopping site, Amazon that is, we are also getting some inspiration from Home Spa Select as their selection is rather unique.

There are 4 types of faucets

Single hole faucets – those are the most simple ones that nearly every home has, and you only need to drill one hole to install it properly, the spout and handles are combined into one single lever which makes for ease of use.

Center set faucets – these models come with two levels, one for hot water and one for cold water. Obviously, you’d need to drill multiple holes and you might want to hire a specialist to install one as it takes some extra work to do it right

Widespread mounts – opposed to the center set faucets these come in three different pieces, they are a bit longer than the usual ones which make for a stylish design, in other words extremely suitable for the modern bathroom.

Wall mount faucets – I suppose this is rather self-explanatory, you mount these on the walls instead of on your actual bathtub. If you are a fan of modern designs this is definitely a must one as every detail counts when you want to sell your house for a profit later on and the bathroom is no exception to that. You’d be surprised how much value interested buyers give to bathroom and kitchen amenities.

The best faucets described

It’s impossible to say what is the best faucet as it obviously depends on personal preference and with thousands of models to choose from you can’t really comment on what is best or not, but what we can do instead is look at some popular models. Let’s start with some models that are for sale on, and after that, we look at some of the models that Home Spa has to offer.

Aquafaucet Wall Mount

This model is on top of the search page of Amazon and costs a little under fifty dollars. It’s a very nice design actually that wouldn’t feel misplaced in a modern bathroom. It’s a single hole faucet so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to install it either, just drill a hole in the wall and you’ve done most of the leg work, do make sure where the pipes are or hire a specialist to help you. The buyers have been kind and rated it and as a result of that, it has an average rating of 4-stars which is definitely not bad.

Modern Bathroom Faucet

I’m not sure what brand this is as this is how they describe it and when I look at the photo I don’t find it all that modern at all and it would definitely not be my choice in this cheap golden look. Furthermore, it looks like a very traditional model that they would categorize as modern in the sixties. The reviews aren’t all that great either so now you know what to avoid. Unless you are into vintage.

Dr. Faucet Led Waterfall

I understand this is not for everyone, and the color doesn’t really speak to my imagination with the green LED light, but it does give a nice effect and I’m sure others can appreciate it. It’s definitely too modern for me though but you might like it. It isn’t very cheap either at $200 and with zero reviews I wonder if anyone actually purchased it. Currently, there’s only one left so perhaps it’s a sample from a Chinese factory they are trying to resell here, who knows.

Faucets from Home Spa Select

Although Amazon’s search function has disappointed us quite a bit they did a much better job at Home Spa.

Delta Roman Tub Trim

Although the design is rather classic the shape is very smooth and it wouldn’t misfit in a modern bathroom at all. You truly can’t compare this to the modern bathroom faucet that we spoke earlier about. The bronze color and the stainless steel material make sure it won’t rust and stay in tip-top shape for a long time. At $150 and plenty of positive reviews, I can definitely recommend this model.

Delta Floor Mount Faucet

It’s clear they are a fan of Delta and for good reason as they know how to design things that stand out from the crowd. Not that I’m pleased with every model but this is definitely a unique feature and with the pipes coming from under the floor it takes very little work to mount this. In other words a great option.

What Determines a Car Insurance Rate?

The premium for your car’s insurance will vary from one insurer to the other. However, some factors will determine the rate irrespective of the company you choose. The cost of your auto’s premium will depend on the following elements in no particular order.

The Condition of Your Vehicle

Okay. Here’s the thing – your car is riskier to drive if you don’t take it for regular maintenance checks. In other words, you’re likely to get involved in a crash if your auto has fault brakes or worn out tires, for instance. Of course, when you take your car for valuation, the valuer will note any faults in the final results. What this means is that your insurer will consider your vehicle as a high-risk item and will charge you higher premiums to cover it.

Don’t wait for your car’s mileage to rack up to the point of damaging the clutch. You don’t even have to deal with a phased out alternator. Find a scrap my car yard near you to have your auto checked every one in a while. That way, you will detect faults before they aggravate into something serious. By extension, this translates to cheaper insurance premiums.

Your Credit Score

Information such as payment history, collections, outstanding debt, bankruptcies and the length of your credit determines your credit-based insurance score. You are likely to pay more for your car’s insurance if you have a bad credit score and vice versa. It is essential that you check your credit score from time to time. On top of that, ensure that you keep your balances low on credit cards and pay off your debts as soon as you can.

Your Car’s Value

You will pay more for your vehicle’s insurance if it has a high cash value. The car’s value comes into play if you want comprehensive coverage. You may consider taking you auto for valuation to get its exact value so that you don’t under or over-insured. Keep in mind that your vehicle’s value may determine where you will purchase a third part, comprehensive or third party fire, and theft insurance.

The Age of Your Car

A younger driver is considered more of a risk than an older driver and is likely to pay more for insurance. A young motorist may over speed and is less experienced. Insurance companies charge more if the insured is a teenager or under the age of twenty-five. This is because they’re more likely to get involved in an accident in comparison to their older, experienced counterparts.

Estimated Annual Mileage

The more miles you drive, the higher the chances of being involved in an accident. A person who uses his or her car more often will pay more compared to a person who only drives occasionally. Be sure to check out your Ministry of Transport annual certificate to know the mile you drove in a specific year. Also, note the mileage on your dashboard when taking out an insurance policy to see how many miles you have driven when renewing your cover.

Your Driving Record

The better the driving record, the lower the premium. If you have been in multiple accidents or serious traffic violation, you are likely to pay more. Equally, you may spend more on your vehicle’s insurance if are a new driver or have not insured your car for a couple of years.

Where You Park and Live

You will pay higher premiums if you park your car in an area that is not safe. Your vehicle is prone to vandalism, theft or social unrest if you park it in unsafe zones. Generally, urban car owners pay more compared to those in rural areas or small towns. Other factors that may vary from one state to another may include cost and frequency of litigation and prevalence of auto insurance as well as medical care.

In conclusion

Your gender may affect determine how much you’ll end up paying for your auto’s insurance policy. See, as a group, women tend to cause fewer accidents compared to men and teenagers and are likely to spend less. Also, women have fewer cases of DUIs and rarely cause serious accidents. Of course, over time, the driving history will determine what you pay for your car’s insurance irrespective of your gender.

Keeping Your Lips Healthy In winter

Many people tend to be focused on their skin during winter that they forget about their lips completely. The lips form a major part of the face, and you need to take care of them just the way you take care of any other part of the body.

So, if you want to keep your lips smooth all season long, then you need to do the following:

Remove Dead Skin

The cold weather and low temperatures can take a toll on the lips. This results in an accumulation of dead skin that needs to be removed. Use an exfoliation agent to gently scrub your lips twice a day to make the difference you need.

There are a variety of lip scrubs in stores all over, and they are made for different lip types. You can also make a lip scrub on your own as well so that you don’t have to use commercially made products.

You need to use lip scrub early in the morning before applying your makeup. This makes the lips ready for the day.

Dead skin also accumulates over the day, so make sure you scrub at night before you go to bed so that you remove any dead skin that has accumulated during the day.

You can use your fingers to apply the scrub or use a soft toothbrush.

Apply Balm before Bed

The cold wind might make your lips to dry up, so make sure you apply balm to the lips so that you can soothe any dryness that might come up later on in the night. The balm will protect your lips the whole night long, and you won’t wake up with any cracked lips at all.

If you don’t have balm, then go for Aloe Vera to make the lips moist, it can work wonders for you.

For balm, you need to take care that you avoid the ones that have petrochemical products, alcohol or menthol because they can dry up your lips.

Stay hydrated

You will read this advice all over, but it is worth emphasizing. If you wish to make your lips stay smooth the whole winter long, then you need to keep them supple by taking a lot of water. Consume a daily dose of water to stay hydrated the whole day long.

If you are on the road, have a bottle in the car to drink as you drive. All in all, make sure you take enough for the day so that you don’t end up with dry, chapped lips.

Keep Your Lips Moistened

You need to keep the lips moistened the whole day and night. Have some lip care sticks and balsams and keep one at home and another in your car, so that you have access to one at each time.

Avoid Decorative Lipstick

In winter, it is good to avoid decorative lipstick, especially the permanent ones. The components in this lipstick mostly occlude skin pores, which can lead to chapping. If you decide to put on decorative lipstick such as the ones from, then don’t forget to use balm before the lipstick. This prevents the lips from drying and cracking.

Instead of lipstick, go for lip gloss because many of them contain oils that soften the skin. This way, the lips will receive the care it deserves and adds to the colors.

Signs Your Lips are Poorly Taken Care of

There are a series of signs that tell you that your lips are now being taken care of the right way. These include dry lips, pain in the lips due to dryness and cracking, reddishness and bleeding.

When you notice these signs, it is time to change some habits. For instance, if you drink alcohol and coffee, then reduce the consumption of these beverages. Massage the lips daily to promote circulation to the lips, and then don’t pull off the dry flakes from the lips manually, instead opt for a scrub to remove the flakes.

In Closing

Winter comes with a host of issues that you need to handle, ranging from dry skin to lips. However, the right lip care routine makes it possible for you to keep your lips in great shape regardless of the season.

Relationship Issues to Solve Before Getting Married

Relationship problems will rock your marriage once in a while. However, disagreements don’t have to destruct your union, more so if you know how to handle them. Even then, solving marital problems isn’t the simplest of tasks. It takes the effort of both partners to make things work, so you better perfect the hacks below before walking down the aisle.

Learn to Listen to Each other Actively

It’s hard having a conversation these days without being distracted. When talking to your partner, put away your phone, shut down the laptop or anything else that could distract you and give him or are your full attention. By actively talking to each other, you will not only have a constructive conversation but also have an easier time addressing any concerns in your relationship.

Learn to Forgive

Be ready to forgive your partner for their wrongs genuinely. Holding a grudge against them only hurts your emotions and makes you view your partner from a negative perspective. Talk to your partner and let them know that you’re not pleased with their actions and that you would be happy if they do not repeat it. Forgive and forget, because that’s the way to a happy, long-lasting marriage. After all, you would also want your partner to forgive you when on the wrong.

Solve Sex Problems

Sex is a core component of any marriage. However, despite its importance, having sex problems in your relationship such as varying levels of libido can be a recipe for disaster.  To avoid issues related to sex, have a conversation about your expectations and up with compromises. Agree to make sex more pleasurable and exciting. Consider seeking marital counseling to help you solve underlying issues such as stress or depression and if either of you is experiencing physical problems, see a medical doctor.

Talk about Money

Fighting over money is common in relationships. The conflict starts when you have divergent views about finances. Besides, during tough economic times, economic stress can lead to more disagreements that are not necessarily related to money. However as sensitive as the issue may be, learn how to discuss money, how to spend it and how much you should save. Consider having a post-nuptial agreement and whenever possible, open a joint account.

Learn to Deal with Daily Stress

Life is hectic, and you will often experience stress almost on a daily basis from a host of sources ranging from your crazy boss to business and social expectations. However, everyday stressors do not have to culminate in marital problems. Learn to separate daily stress from your marriage and be available to your partner and family emotionally even after a chaotic day.

…It’s Now Time to Get Married

Once you’ve learned to live with each other, it is time to settle down as husband and wife. Of course, you want to celebrate your day in style to be sure to hire a specialist singer to spice-up your day. And, you can get one such entertainer at TheWeddingSinger! All you need to do is select your package (according to your budget) and James Barlow will take care of the business.

Small Things a Business Owner Should Invest In

If you’re a business owner, keeping your business afloat means staying on top of things. It means investing in systems that will make the day to day running of your business smooth. Here are some small things you should seriously consider investing in.

Good Employee Badges

Employee badges will help you identify your workers. You’ll know who’s supposed to be where doing what. By extension, ID badges help organize your employees in a way that creates efficiency. They also help improve security in and around your business by keeping unauthorized persons from specific areas such as the cash office.

Even then, you need to find a good ID badge designer to make badges that’ll capture your employee’s most important details. Speaking of designers, be sure to visit to read more about EasyIDCard, an online badge maker with years of experience at making ID badges that’ll meet your needs and those of your business.

A Well Laid, Interactive Website

These days, opening a Facebook page or creating a basic website is a fast and easy. In fact, you can have a site up and running within a few minutes, without spending anything.  However, unless you are very good at creating content, a social media specialist, web developer or a search engine optimization expert, you may not achieve much with your websites or social media pages so work right service providers.

Purchase a Comprehensive Insurance

There are many hazards that could wipe off your off leave you reeling in losses. But, with a comprehensive insurance cover, it doesn’t have to be that way. Be sure to purchase an insurance policy that will cater losses in case a disaster strikes. That way, you will have the peace of mind you need to concentrate on growing your business.

A Good Marketing Strategy

Potential clients need to know about your business, so you need to invest in marketing and public relations. Repeated research shows that lack of marketing contributes to the failure of up to 20% of business startups. And, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on marketing; some marketing, however, small could come in handy for your business.

Excellent Bookkeeping

You may not have the accounting skills to run a business but you can always hire a professional accountant. An accountant can help you file your businesses taxes accurately, formulate a good payroll system and most importantly come up with a solid financial plan. In short, a good accountant will help you save money and make tracking of expenses as well as income easy.

In conclusion, invest in motivated and healthy employees. Your workers can determine the direction your business takes. You should try to keep the people who work for you inspired and well paid if you want to get the job done. Have them insured for job-related injuries or illnesses too. Get in touch with your insurance provider for a worker’s compensation coverage. Also, hold regular meeting with them to learn their grievances and listen to their suggestions.

Is a Laser Engraving Business Something for You?

You might not have heard about laser engraving as a business, or it might sound too complicated. However, when you actually start to understand what’s involved, it’s easy to simplify it. Laser engraving is the etching with equipment that uses a laser to leave a mark on the material permanently. In this way, it’s similar to a printer, but 3D. The energy that is the laser focuses on the target area of the wood or glass to mark a divot or line. The whole process is achieved in a manner of seconds.

The laser engraving industry is currently in hot demand. A lot of companies are making the most of this and producing equipment that is best suited to be used at home. Below is a list of tips on how to begin your own laser engraving business.

Business Plan

With any business, you’ve got to begin with a business plan. A business plan helps you know exactly what you’re doing while breaking down the process into goals that you can visualize. To start any business successfully, careful planning is required. This should be the first thing you do before thinking of doing anything else.

The Equipment

Investing in the physical materials that will be the foundation of your business is the next step. You’ll need to invest in a high-quality laser engraving machine and perhaps a printer from Needham Coding. While, initially, they can set you back quite a bit, it’s a worthy investment that will see you soon turning a profit. This means that it will pay itself off before you know it.


For this type of business, you’ll need a computer, and software to go with it. Half of your work comprises of creating designs through graphic design software and preparing them to be applied to your chosen material. This is the next step that you need to take after investing in the equipment.

Creative Side

You need to possess a creative side to run a business like this. You also need to be sales-driven, yet open-minded and ready for any possible scenario. This means always being one step ahead of the industry and being able to predict what’s going to be popular next. If you’re confident in your chosen niche and are versed in what your customers want from you, you’ll be able to run a business that turns a profit before you know it.


No business has ever become truly prosperous without a solid dose of marketing. In this day and age, it’s easy to get your business out there. On the internet, you can reach an enormous number of potential clients for a relatively small amount of money. Additionally, if you’re interested in attracting local customers, you can run an ad in your local paper or put a poster up on your local community notice board. Word of mouth will also be a factor when you start to get regular clients. Your diligence and hard work will soon pay off if you think a starting a laser engraving business is right for you.