Can you Sue your Doctor for Opiate Addiction?

Opiates are a class of medications used to treat pain. Long term use of opioids is habit forming and leads to an addiction. So, if a doctor prescribes opiates and you end up developing an addiction, can you sue him or her? The law provides that you can take legal action against the doctor, but you have to show that by prescribing the opiates, the doctor acted negligently.

Duty of Care

In a clinical setting, a doctor must take care of the patient. Thus, the doctor is liable if the patient gets harmed while under their care, and that includes giving prescriptions, as is the case with every aspect of treatment.

It is essential to understand it’s not all the time that the doctor can be legally responsible for the harm arising out giving a prescription. Response to treatment may vary from one person to the other. Thus the doctor may not be necessarily negligent of things go wrong.

Showing Medical Negligence

To successfully sue a doctor or pharmacist for opiate addiction, you need to prove that the doctor acted negligently and abandoned the duty of care. It could be he or she gave you the wrong dose or drug or failed to notice your addiction.

Just like any other medical malpractice case, you have to prove four elements in an opiate addiction lawsuit namely:

  • Duty
  • Breach
  • Harm
  • Causation (damages)

All the four elements are intertwined, and failure to prove any of them translates to losing your claim. Thus to show malpractice, you must:

  • Show that the doctor or physician owed you the duty of care
  • He or she breached the said duty of care
  • Harm occurred due to the doctor’s breach of the burden of responsibility
  • Damages incurred as a result of the harm

The Principle of Reasonable Care in Prescribing Drugs

To show that it was the doctor’s failure to exercise reasonable care that caused your addiction, there has to scrutiny of your medical past. Sample these two scenarios:

You visit a medical facility seeking treatment for pain. You are recovering drug addict, but despite the doctor giving an opiate prescription, you don’t tell him or her about the addiction. A few days later you are using more drugs than prescribed to you, at an uncontrollable rate. In such an incident, the doctor cannot be liable for the addiction because you failed to tell him or her about the addiction.

In the second scenario, a patient notifies the doctor that he or she is a recovering addict, but in spite of the notification, the physician goes ahead to prescribe opiates to the patient. In the event of addiction, the doctor is deemed to be negligent and is liable.

…When you Don’t Have to Sue

Sure, going the legal way can help you recover some damages caused by opiate addiction. However, it doesn’t have to be the case, primarily because it is time-consuming not to mention that you might end up losing the argument. You can, instead, opt for other remedies such as CBD to help you deal with both the pain and addiction. And the beauty of it is that there will be no more prescription medications to help you deal with your condition.

Keeping Your Lips Healthy In winter

Many people tend to be focused on their skin during winter that they forget about their lips completely. The lips form a major part of the face, and you need to take care of them just the way you take care of any other part of the body.

So, if you want to keep your lips smooth all season long, then you need to do the following:

Remove Dead Skin

The cold weather and low temperatures can take a toll on the lips. This results in an accumulation of dead skin that needs to be removed. Use an exfoliation agent to gently scrub your lips twice a day to make the difference you need.

There are a variety of lip scrubs in stores all over, and they are made for different lip types. You can also make a lip scrub on your own as well so that you don’t have to use commercially made products.

You need to use lip scrub early in the morning before applying your makeup. This makes the lips ready for the day.

Dead skin also accumulates over the day, so make sure you scrub at night before you go to bed so that you remove any dead skin that has accumulated during the day.

You can use your fingers to apply the scrub or use a soft toothbrush.

Apply Balm before Bed

The cold wind might make your lips to dry up, so make sure you apply balm to the lips so that you can soothe any dryness that might come up later on in the night. The balm will protect your lips the whole night long, and you won’t wake up with any cracked lips at all.

If you don’t have balm, then go for Aloe Vera to make the lips moist, it can work wonders for you.

For balm, you need to take care that you avoid the ones that have petrochemical products, alcohol or menthol because they can dry up your lips.

Stay hydrated

You will read this advice all over, but it is worth emphasizing. If you wish to make your lips stay smooth the whole winter long, then you need to keep them supple by taking a lot of water. Consume a daily dose of water to stay hydrated the whole day long.

If you are on the road, have a bottle in the car to drink as you drive. All in all, make sure you take enough for the day so that you don’t end up with dry, chapped lips.

Keep Your Lips Moistened

You need to keep the lips moistened the whole day and night. Have some lip care sticks and balsams and keep one at home and another in your car, so that you have access to one at each time.

Avoid Decorative Lipstick

In winter, it is good to avoid decorative lipstick, especially the permanent ones. The components in this lipstick mostly occlude skin pores, which can lead to chapping. If you decide to put on decorative lipstick such as the ones from, then don’t forget to use balm before the lipstick. This prevents the lips from drying and cracking.

Instead of lipstick, go for lip gloss because many of them contain oils that soften the skin. This way, the lips will receive the care it deserves and adds to the colors.

Signs Your Lips are Poorly Taken Care of

There are a series of signs that tell you that your lips are now being taken care of the right way. These include dry lips, pain in the lips due to dryness and cracking, reddishness and bleeding.

When you notice these signs, it is time to change some habits. For instance, if you drink alcohol and coffee, then reduce the consumption of these beverages. Massage the lips daily to promote circulation to the lips, and then don’t pull off the dry flakes from the lips manually, instead opt for a scrub to remove the flakes.

In Closing

Winter comes with a host of issues that you need to handle, ranging from dry skin to lips. However, the right lip care routine makes it possible for you to keep your lips in great shape regardless of the season.

Everything You Need To Know When You Are Diagnosed With Toenail Bed Fungus

Toenail fungus is very common. You can catch it from the swimming pool or after you have walked bare feet in a public place, such as at the pool, at the sea side or in the common bathroom or shower at the gym. There are many types of fungus that can cause the toenail infection and they are very contagious and transmitted fast and easily in moist and warm conditions. Onychomycosis is the most popular fungus that causes the toenail bed fungus infections and it is very common in saunas, gym showers or in swimming pools. However, it isn’t hard to avoid getting infected with it in these places, you just have to wear flip-flops or water sandals and you will have no reason to worry.

What happens when you contact the fungus?

Whether you contact Onychomycosis or any other type of fungus, the symptoms and signs will not appear immediately. It will take a period of time until the damage will be visible, but you should be very attentive and notice the early signs. These signs include a bad odor, discoloration of the nails and even thickening of the nails. It is best to treat the problem and cut it from its roots from the begging, when you first notice the incipient signs, because later on it can be very hard to treat it. Therefore, if you notice something abnormal with your toenails and you know you were in contact with possible infested water, go to the pharmacy and buy a topical cream. It can be very effective and the differences can be seen even after a few days, a week or application. This way you will avoid a more difficult treatment in the future, when you might need to have your nail removed because it cannot be cured.

Treatment and prevention

Yellow Toenails Cured provides different methods and tips to solve your problem. You can choose the over the counter products and this is the first step for most patients and if this doesn’t work the prescribed drugs will be following. However, in some cases laser treatment is needed, but this is a very rare situation. However, you don’t want to be in this situation and the best treatment is prevention.

It is best to avoid getting infected than treating it and it isn’t that hard. First of all, as said before, don’t walk bare foot in public places. Second of all, keep your hygiene at high standards. Wash your feet daily and wear cotton socks. Keep your shoes clean and avoid staying with your feet in wet socks and shoes. This is very important when you are exercising and to avoid sweating you should use feet deodorants and cotton socks.


Eat Right And Forget About Acne

There are many years since scientists have found out that one’s diet can influence the acne outbreaks. Every food we ingest has a direct impact on our body and our skin as well. Many clinical trials and studies have proved this and today we know what foods can help us have a beautiful skin and what foods will bring more pimples and skin problems.  One of the first things the scientist found out regard the association between the diet and the skin problems was the fact that cow’s milk increases the prevalence and severity of acne. Moreover, there is direct connection between the glycemic load and the risk of acne.

If you are considering Treating Acne Fast, you should know that it isn’t enough to go and see a doctor or make an appointment at a beauty salon to clean your face and to use good products, you have to change your diet as well. For a healthy and beautiful skin you have to reduce or eliminate from your diet certain foods and introduce more quantities of foods that improve the aspect of your skin. It isn’t hard to learn what to eat for a glowing skin and you will learn more about the things you should and should not eat if you are suffering from acne or you want to prevent it in the following lines.

First of all you should know what to eliminate from your diet

The first step if you want to forget about acne is to learn what not to eat. Certain foods can produce acne or make it worse and if you stop consuming them you will see results very soon. Not everyone knows, but cow’s milk can trigger pimples. There are more theories behind this association and you should know them. First of them, the milk spikes the blood sugar, leading to inflammation and pimples. Second of all, the milk contains hormones that can cause oil production and overgrowth of the skin cells, leading yet again to acne. The blood sugar is increased as well by sugar and other high glycemic foods such as white bread, cereals, cookies or other sweets. We should avoid of course junk food and fast food.

There are some aliments that can help you reduce acne

If you want your skin to be clearer you should learn what to eat. Some foods will help detox and clean your complexion. Flaxseed and fish are great for a clear skin because they give us omega-3 fatty acids.  Oysters are also good because they give us zinc which cures acne. Green tea has many antioxidants and the natural juices are a great supply of antioxidants as well. The probiotics are also recommended because they reduce the bad flora in the gut and this can have a connection with your skin problems.


What You Need To Know When You Are Getting Braces

Braces are a very efficient way to correct a large variety of dental problems and achieve a nice, healthy smile. Anyone at any age can get braces if the doctor recommended them so, but the treatment, duration and the process of getting the braces can differ from one person to another.

The process of getting braces

123100991230-1120-2014-675x415First of all, your orthodontist will see you for an initial consultation to examine your teeth and diagnose your dental problems. X-rays may sometimes be needed for a proper diagnostic. Then, the doctor will recommend the best treatment, and depending on the problem, your preferences as well as your budget, you will get to choose from traditional and clear braces or invisible aligners. Even though the treatment plan depends on the type of braces you have selected, regular visits to the dentist are essential for a successful result. During these visits the wires from the braces will be changed or adjusted. Initially, you will have to come back once a month, but as the treatment advances, your braces will require fewer visits.

Dental_bracesGetting your braces depends on the type of treatment you are going to benefit from. Traditional braces are made of metal brackets and each bracket will be glued onto each tooth that needs to be treated. It is a painless procedure, but can take about one or two hours to complete. If you are not sure what type of braces to choose or need more information about different types of treatments, you can know more here. Regardless of the type of orthodontic treatment, your teeth will undergo a thorough cleaning process before the brackets are attached to them. The glue used for this procedure is non toxic and harmless, even though it may have an unpleasant taste. After the last bracket has been attached, a wire will be used to connect and secure the brackets. Elastic bands can also be used to reduce discomfort.

DjrfuYS6qykxqHvCYHUglKPdmACSRkG5Even if you shouldn’t experience any type of pain during the process of getting braces, most patients have sore teeth afterwards. Moreover, the soreness and discomfort may last for up to a week after the procedure. If the pain and discomfort persist, you can use the special wax that you receive from the orthodontist’s office. It can be used whenever a bracket bothers you and gives you mouth sores. Don’t touch the sores with your tongue; instead, use a natural herbal solution with anti-inflammatory effects that you can purchase from any pharmacy. You should also make some diet changes and try to eat softer foods over the next days. You can eat more soft and mashed food, and drink thick fluids such as applesauce. Over-the-counter pain killers can also be used to ease persistent pain.