Cleaning And Maintenance Of A Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

After settling on buying a semi-automatic espresso machine, you are still left with lots of choices. This is because manufacturers came with multiple models of these useful devices. You have to think of maintenance and performance, as well as price, so here is what you need to look at when you want to buy a semi-automatic coffee machine for your espresso needs.

Convenience comes first

Reading semi-automatic espresso machine reviews, you can understand this is a convenient type of machine, which requires little intervention from your side. But this is not everything you need to research: maintenance is also important.

Before you venture to buy the most attractive semi-automatic machine you have to know everything about its maintenance needs. How often should you clean the machine and what is involved in the process goes a long way.

The maintenance process for your espresso machine

Great semi-automatic espresso machine reviews always include a chapter about maintenance, as leaving the residue inside the machine is going to cause it to malfunction. You can experience a burnt taste in your coffee, over or under-extraction. Sometimes, skipping maintenance can lead to more serious problems, as milk leftovers are prone to decay and they can end up in your cup at any time.

Apart from the hygiene, there is the performance point of maintenance: regular maintenance ensures higher durability of your espresso machine.

Before you actually buy a machine, ask the vendor how can it be cleaned. There are semi-automatic espresso machines which have a special cleaning button – one push and the machine cleans itself. Browsing semi-automatic espresso machine reviews you will also find machines which require you to remove some parts and wipe them down. This process can take lots of time, so it’s not fit for everyone.

Intricate or simple

At the first look, semi-automatic espresso machine reviews might present a machine as being simple, which makes it easy to clean. But you need to take a second and even third look. Before you buy the machine check its maximum pump pressure and find out if the machine has one boiler or multiple and if there is a thermostat on it. These are essential details to know when you clean the espresso machine and if you need to perform a troubleshooting process.

Some machines include grinding accessories, which also require cleaning. You have to take into account the built-in accessories for grinding, steaming milk and other secondary processes, as they are going to require cleaning too and you don’t want to take the entire machine to a service in order to clean them. If these accessories come in plastic, you have to be prepared to replace them regularly, as they are prone to cracks due to temperature changes.

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