Drums- Available With Different Designs And Known With Different Names

The drums are possibly one of the primal musical instruments in this world. They are used by different cultures mainly for the entertainment purpose. However, the buyers have to be familiar to the basic varieties of drums, by reading My Instrument Reviewer.

There are basically four categories of drums, which may make up your entire drum set. These four sorts of drums are-

  • Floor tom
  • Bass drum
  • Mounted toms
  • Snare drum

Although, all of them create extremely diverse sounds, there are few things, which are in common in them.

Primarily, every drum consists of drum head, placed on either surface. The head or the top, where you hit is known as batter head, while the other side is referred to as resonant head.

Besides, the drumhead is found on your drum; it is held in right position with a rim, or loop, and a number of tuning carts.

38428EBC (a)Bass Drum

It is such a drum that produces lowest level of sound. It is hit with a pedal, which you can play with foot. There are some sets that consist of twofold bass drums, although it is not highly recommended. Bass drums are available in a range of sizes.

Floor TomFloor Tom

It is placed just beside the drummer. This floor tom sits to the right of a right-handed drummer. It is dangled off the ground with legs, or with any bracket, which is linked to cymbal stand. Moreover, floor toms are utilized mainly to play extra notes.

Mounted TomMounted Tom

These drums are also referred to as rack toms. They play almost the same function as that of floor tom.

However, they are comparatively smaller, thus the pitch of these mounted toms may be quite higher. Your drum set may have only a single or more than three rack toms.

Snare Drum

Snare DrumThis drum is also called as side drum. It is a striking instrument that is recognized for the cylindrical form and potent, staccato echo. Snare drum is used often in concert bands, pageant and many more.

Drums are called by different names in different geographical regions. For instance, in Africa, ashiko, a type of hand drum, has cut-off cone shape. It creates 3 tones. Conga is another large, barrel-shaped drum, which is played with hands. It is very accepted in American song. Bodhran is one of the Irish drums, and this is a drum with single head. Tabor is also two-headed barrel, which was used in Europe. Darbuka is another tall drum commonly applied to focus on belly dancing. Thus, drums are popular in almost all the countries but these are called with different names. No matter what the names of the drums are, they should be able to create sound perfectly.

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