Hand-Mixers – A Viable Alternative To The Heavy-Weight Stand Mixers

The hand blenders or the hand-mixers are very easy to use when compared to the stand-mixers that are more bulky and tough to carry. Hand-mixers on that matter are pretty light weight and you can operate them with seamless ease. That’s why people who are even having a stand mixer buy them for light mixings purpose. For mashing potatoes, brownies or the other sorts of delightful desserts these hand-blenders are really good and effective but at the same-time for heavy processes such as kneading or other sort of stuff, you cannot rely on them.

So, a question arises in your mind that which mixer you shall buy. Finding answer for that is not much difficult as by analyzing some key factors, you will get the ideal mixer for your house. On mixer picks, you can found some of the best hand-mixers and stand-mixers available in the market. There is also detailed analysis available on the website about the suitability of a mixer to your kitchen. The review on the website will make it tad easier for you to buy the mixer for your house. Here are some succinct details about the factors that you might have to look for before buying a mixer for your house:

Space in the Kitchen:

It is a very important factor that you must take into consideration while buying a mixer. If your kitchen is not that spacious to accommodate a heavy-duty stand mixer, then it is advisable for you to go for the hand-blenders. Although these hand-mixers cannot perform the range of operations as against the stand mixers, there are sufficient amount of comfort they provide you with their functionality. Mixing the spices or grinding the desserts all can be done very efficiently with the help of a hand-mixer.

Especially, for the bachelors who live in single bedroom flats, the hand-mixers are very convenient because their kitchen size and the kitchen needs both are very limited.

Size of your family:

If you are a bachelor then your need is limited and in such a scenario it is quite stupid to invest a heavy sum on the stand mixers. Rather a hand mixer which is cheap and easier to store is the ideal mixer in your case.

How much you use it:

If you are cooking different dishes almost every day, then a hand-mixer might not be able to hold the fort for you and you will need a stand-mixer for your kitchen. Else, if you need the mixer less often, then you can go for the hand-mixers that will do the job for you.


Budget is also a major issue that is quite important while buying a mixer. If you have a low budget then it always advisable to look for the hand-mixers.

Ease of Convenience: it is more often than not quite a key issue that you must consider before buying a mixer. If you or your family members are not convenient with the heavy-weight stand mixers, then hand-mixers is a very viable option for you. It is pretty light-weight and easy to carry. You can use it in your bedroom also while watching movies or cricket.


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