Hunting 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

Hunting 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

Hunting is the simplest of sports, right? Well, not when you’re a beginner. See, this is a multidimensional activity that, while it isn’t challenging to get started, it requires specific skills (and knowledge).

Even then, every pro hunter started somewhere, with zero experience. In other words, you can learn the ropes of the games and perfect your art. What follows is a rundown of helpful tidbits that will enable you to begin on the right footing.

Get Some Hunter Education

Yep, that’s right. You must learn if you’re going to become an accomplished hunter. Most states require that you enroll for hunter or safety lessons before you can get a license.  You should consider taking a certification course even if your local laws don’t require one.

While becoming a certified hunter is critical, it isn’t all there is.   You should always seek information that teaches how to hunt safely, successfully, and ethically. In other words, don’t stop learning once you get started. Also, mingle with experienced hunters and ask them to share their experiences with you. On top of that, be sure to read hunting blogs and books.

Know the Hunting Seasons

You may not know it at the beginning, but there’s a season for most game. You’re likely to hunt successfully in late summer through late winter. Still, some states allow you to stall specific animals in the spring and early summer.

Of course, the duration of a specific season varies. Some are only a couple of weeks long with others extend for a few months. Game and fish department regulate seasons this way to ensure proper management of the wildlife population.  Besides, the fall and winter hunting season’s limitations allow animals to mate without interference.

As a new hunter, it is essential that you get well acquainted with the seasons and stick to them.  Keep in mind that shooting and killing an animal out of season is a serious offense with dire ramification. You risk getting arrested, charged, and pay a hefty fine. You may serve a jail term as well.

Get the Right Gear and Equipment

Hunting gear and equipment are an integral part of the sport.  Wearing the right jacket and shoes, for instance, can enhance your experience. Of course, you want to feel comfortable and safe while out in the woods. So, invest in warm hunting gloves, a backpack, GPS, fixed blade knife, and a small first aid kit.

You’ll require archery or firearm. You can opt for a compound bow or a shotgun. You only need to make sure that you can use your gun legally for hunting. Also, buy a rechargeable spotlight to help you hunt during the night. Any model worth your attention should provide enough illumination to enable you to spot animals from a distance.

Know Types of Game to Hunt

Indeed, the type of animals you can hunt varies from one location to another. Plus, the game falls into different categories. There are small and big game, furbearers, nuisance animals and birds. And there are those animals you cannot hunt depending on where you live.

The game you want to hunt determines the type of hunting. You should, therefore, learn different tactics to make you an all-rounder.

Know your Hunting Locations

You have three options when it comes to hunting ground – state land, private property, and federal land – each has its disadvantages and advantages. You should stick to the local hunting laws, matter where you decide to hunt.  Otherwise, you risk losing the right to hunt in such areas.

Private land is the best place to hunt. But, if you don’t own an expansive piece of land, you’ll need to locate somewhere suitable and most importantly get permission from the landowner.  Many farmers let in hunters on their property each year while others are not going to allow strangers near their land. So you’re better off dealing with someone you know.

The Bottom Line

Hunting is fun if you know how to do it correctly. Work on your tactics and skills every time you’re out in the wilderness whether you’re game calling, staling, or sitting in a tree stand. Remember, it will require some time before you can perfect everything, so take it one step at a time.

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