Ink dot inks used for spray gun machines

Spray gun machine technology is used as an ideal solution for the application of ink dot ink. These industrial machines can be applied in many industries from food packaging and automobile panels among others. It is popular for spray gun machines to be used within the can making industry. Hundreds of different products come in cans. They are popular as they are the most recycled package and the finest choice for packaging your product. These machines can be used to apply ink on both aluminum and steel cans. A wide variety of ink colors can be utilized by spray gun machines which can be easily identified by camera systems for line spray recognition purposes.

The importance of selecting a spray-machine identification system for container coating operations

When selecting a spray gun machine high speed and precision are important during application to ensure accuracy. The non-contact process of spraying ink onto the substrate ensures a hygienic production. Quality manufacturing should also allow a cost-efficient process.

Cans with unacceptable metal exposure must be recoated or scrapped. As a result, production must be stopped to identify which spray machine is producing the rejects. This stops production time and can be a major setback to companies with a high demand product line. Consequently, it can lower productivity and be costly to the business.

Therefore, it is important to select a machine that can quickly monitor and identify malfunctioning spray machines on the coating line so you can immediately identify the source of these unacceptable coatings.

Ink dot ink types

This is a specialty ink. There are many ink dot types used in the can making industry however the following are the most popular:

  • Dye Based Ink Dot Inks
  • Pigment Based Ink Dot Inks
  • UV Ink Dot Inks

Dye Based Ink Dot Inks

These inks are commonly used within the can making industry. They can be used on production lines where there are no more than 6 different colors required. Dye-based inks are transparent as result colors can often be mistaken for other similar colors. This can create issues for camera or vision systems that are used to identify different colors on the line.

UV Ink Dot Inks

UV inks are used in applications where an invisible ink dot is required. This ink is only visible when a back-light is shone on the can.

Pigment Based Ink Dot Inks

These inks are used on lines where more than 6 different colors are required. Due to using a pigment base these inks are more opaque, therefore a wider range of colors can be used and easily identified by camera/vision systems. The Needham Group is the only producer in the world of pigment based ink dot inks.

There is important to select the correct ink dot ink for your specific needs as this could greatly influence production and the outcome of the product. Read find out more about these inks that can be utilized by spray gun machines for application in the can making industry.

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