Instagram Marketing for Your E-commerce Brand

By this time you must have heard about Instagram, the innovative and flexible social media platform. It stands tall among the social media platforms that have the ability to take your business from nil to something.

One of the toughest businesses that you can run is an ecommerce business. This involves coming up with a platform to take orders and deliver items. You can have an ecommerce website that sells exclusively your items or you can run a multi-vendor site. Either way, you need to market the site. One f the ways to market an e-commerce site is through Instagram.

Eager Buyers are waiting for You

Instagram represents a social media platform that receives a lot of traffic from the young people. More than half the users on this platform fall between the ages of 18 to 29 years.  One characteristic of this age group is that they love spending. Many people in this age group are working but don’t have a lot of expenses.

This group has a lot of extra cash to burn, and will buy items without a lot of thoughts. The only hurdle you have between you and their cash is to convince them that your product is the best.

How can you do this?

Influence works on Instagram

The rule of Instagram is that if you have more followers, you are bound to get more. The key to Instagram success is repetition. If you expose your audience to your brand regularly, they will soon recognize it.

The good thing about Instagram is that it gives you a wonderful platform that allows you to post as many times as you want each day. You can as well repeat some posts without being penalized.

Repetition is a strategy that you need to learn. Instagram moves very fast and it won’t stop to make new users to check out what you posted a few weeks ago. The best thing to do is to repeat a post that is vital to your business.

As you post content, make sure you keep the logo and the brand colors constant so that anyone who checks the post can relate to your company.

You Have No Limits

Some people might argue that they can achieve the same reach using facebook, but this is wrong. Facebook won’t let you get to the zenith of organic marketing without paying for the service.

The good news is that Instagram doesn’t do anything like this. All your followers can get full access to all your posts. Make sure you exploit this chance and enjoy the benefits of unrestricted access.

As much as you can post anytime and you can repeat posts as well as give your audience unlimited access, you have to manage your accounts. Doing this manually can take you ages to reach your full potential. As Fred Harrington advises, automation can help you manage the account to grow your following faster.

Final Thoughts

Selling items online is not such as easy task the way established marketers would love you to think. You need to take time to know your audience and give them what they want.

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