Aggressive Fish: What You Need to Know

The picture of an aquarium is usually one that is serene with fish moving around slowly. Well, some of us love some action in our aquariums, which requires you to have some aggressive freshwater species in the tank. You need to stick to one rule though, when introducing the aggressive fish, you need to make sure that they are compatible with existing species. Let’s have a look at the options you have.

Siamese Fighting Fish

Male Siamese fighting fish are aggressive, especially when two male species are put in the same aquarium. They will most likely fight to their death in such a situation. This is natural to them, because they use this aggressiveness to establish territories for mating and feeding. Female Siamese fighting fish don’t do this, they can live communally.

You can place male Siamese fighting fish in a tank with other species, but you have to take great care. If the other species have similar appearance to the fighting fish or if the tank is too small, then fights could occur, which can be detrimental for the other non-aggressive species.

Red Bellied Piranha

No fish species can get more aggressive than the red-bellied piranha. However, this fish can stay communally with its own species. Woe unto you if you introduce a different species, you will have created a meal for them.

These fish can grow to up to 12 inches long, and will feed on fish species that are smaller. So, to avoid losses and seeing your favorite fish torn to pieces, don’t incorporate this piranha species into an aquarium having other species.

Paradise Fish

Similar to Siamese fighting fish, the female species of the paradise fish don’t display any aggressiveness. Males can be aggressive, but this is mainly to establish a pecking order in the aquarium. Once this is established, then the fish tend to be less aggressive.


The name shouldn’t fool you – these fish are beautiful, yes, but as aggressive as they come. These fish are choosy, and will coexist with tetras quite well, but get aggressive when you introduce guppies into the tank.

Angelfish also tend to pierce smaller fish to death, which makes it wise to avoid adding smaller fish to a tank containing angelfish.  If you wish to add other species to a tank containing angelfish, make sure to do this when you have fed the angelfish and when it is dark.

Either way, you need to keep the aquarium clean for whatever species you choose. Here are tips to do this:

Always use a good cleaning brush to clean the filter and the tank itself. Clean the filter because it eliminates the bacteria that have settled on it. If you own a bigger tank, get a bigger brush. You also need to clean the gravel present in the aquarium. Doing this removes any waste present in the gravel.

At times, algae can be stuck to the glass. Use a scraper to remove this algae from the glass. Don’t use a razor due to the harshness that can cause scratches.

Final Words

Well, a serene aquarium can be a great addition to any home, but an aquarium with aggressive fish makes everything faster. This is reason enough to add some aggressive fish to your aquarium. However, make sure you understand how the aggressive fish behave before buying some. Start your hobby of keeping aggressive fish by visiting Come into the Water today.

Safety concerns of Bluetooth headphones

Mobile phones are not just to make calls, they have redefined fashion and people can’t just live without having a mobile toy to brandish. Amazingly, both genders tend to fall in love with the trending idea of holding stylish mobiles regardless of the brand.

Hands-free usage is fast taking over the in the mobile world, and there is growing concern over the health implications of Bluetooth headphones, now that cord headphones are making way for the Bluetooth version that is revolutionizing the market. Users are raising questions regarding how safe Bluetooth radiation to the human body or ears, since everyone wants to use phones without having to hold them up.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is named after a Danish king that unified the whole of the Scandinavian peoples under his rule in the 900s. However, the digital device sends shortwaves communication signals between devices using electromagnetic signals; it is actually a communication protocol. Invented in the early part of the 1990s, it is fast becoming associated with the mobile phone industry lately.

Primarily, Bluetooth is a Wi-Fi kind of light according to Physicists, that means it has almost the same frequencies as the Wi-Fi, and very similar to microwave frequencies as well, though they are not that close. However, Bluetooth is less potent or powerful, so it can’t travel a long distance, this explains its limitations and use in only limited instances.

Is RF radiation safe?

RF radiation is the dangerous radiation emits by cell phones that affect human health. Broadly speaking, the radiation can be grouped into three major types: the genotoxic, the thermal, and the non-thermal types of radiations.

Too much exposure to RF radiation may cause brain tumor, headache, nausea, fatigue and in some cases, difficulty in concentration.

Bluetooth headsets are safe to use

People fear that the electromagnetic waves associated with modern electronics may be dangerous to human health, but there is no scientific proof to justify this claim.

Some people develop EMF hypersensitivity, people with the condition may have nausea and headache, but the condition is not medically associated with the Bluetooth radiation or electromagnetic waves.

The Bluetooth headphones offer a better way to use the mobile phones, it is even safer than Wi-Fi in terms of radiation, because it emits a fraction of radiations emitted by both Wi-Fi and the microwaves.

Since Bluetooth emits less radiation at a level that is not harmful to human health, it is not a bad idea to get a good Bluetooth set from, that will both protect you from abnormal bouts of harmful RF radiations and add glamor and style to your everyday life.

There is no need to entertain fairs of Bluetooth radiation since it is established that Bluetooth radiation is not harmful to human health, but you can avoid direct use of mobile phones to your ears to prevent excessive exposure to the dreaded RF radiation that mobile phones emit to the eardrums.

Holding the phone away from the ears is better than the direct placing of the mobile phone to the ears, but the best way to minimize radiation is to use a Bluetooth headset.

Different Floors Types Care and Maintenance

The popular saying by Benjamin Franklin ?an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is applicable in home maintance.  Taking care of your floor type which includes proper maintenance increases its life span and saves you unnecessary repair costs. Or, replacement costs altogether. As you outsource for professional cleaning and maintenance it helps to know your floor type and the rights products to use. Here are some tips about different floor types and their right care from cleaning services derby

Vinyl Floor

Generally, vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain. Use a wet mop to clean spills, and when you want to wash the floor, a neutral floor cleaner should help. In case the floor gets streaks and films after mopping, wipe it using a solution of vinegar and water to bring back the sparkle. Avoid pouring water on the floor since it will loosen the adhesive causing the vinyl to detach from the surface underneath.

Asphalt Tile / Linoleum

With this floor type, avoid products that have a PH above 10 since they will emulsify the protective coating and cause rapid deterioration to the floor.  Products with a PH range of 7-10 work exceptionally well with linoleum.

Ceramic / Porcelain Tile

Ceramic is resistant to acids, alkaline, and solvents used in cleaning.  While this floor is virtually resistant to most elements, the fillings surrounding them may not be impervious. Acidic products will eat way at some fillings as it would lime deposits so ensure that whenever you use acidic products, you rinse the surface thoroughly.

Wooden floors

There are various types of wood just as there are many types of coatings for them. Wooden floors work well with mild or neutral solutions. When cleaning these floors, keep the amount of rinse water and the cleaning solutions to the minimum to avoid soaking the wood.

Marble floor

Marble can either be polished or unpolished. Polished marble is porous and stains very easily. Avoid using vanish or lacquer as it will peel off very quickly. Polished marble floor may not be as porous, but it also needs to be sealed because it can also stain. Use a mixture of warm water and an all-purpose cleaning solution to mop the floor.


The densification and polishing process that concrete floors go through make this type very durable. However, if not properly maintained, especially if located in retail facilities and other high traffic areas, they will eventually lose the gloss and end up looking dull.

Unlike other types that require regular waxing and sealers, concrete floors are generally easy to maintain. Routine maintance requires using a dust mop to keep the floor free from debris. Here, automatic scrubbers and low suds cleaners are the most economical and productive options from cleaning concrete floors. Its recommended that you use neutral-ph. cleaners. Cleaners that are too alkaline or too acidic will make the floor lose its sparkle.

The condition of your floor, whether in your house or at the office, creates lasting impressions about you. So, make sure yours conveys the right messages.

Benefits of Hiring Limousine Services

Everybody loves to look their best during special occasions such as weddings, corporate events, and other social gatherings. Turning up in a limo not only makes the day extra special but also makes it more memorable. Limos are luxurious and come in different styles and types to fit with various occasions. However, as a result of their massive costs, it is natural that most people depend on hiring services. Apart from being affordable and stylish, there are other benefits you can accrue by hiring a limo as discussed below.


Limousines are driven by professionally trained and licensed chauffeurs to guarantee your safety throughout the trip. Additionally, they are built to withstand rough conditions making them comfortable and safe under different circumstances. The best part is that you can ask the driver to slow down if you think or feel like he is over speeding. The driver is trained to ensure you have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable trip. The liberty to travel as you wish without driving makes limos one of the safest and reliable means of getting to your destination.


Contrary to the perception of most people, Limousines are not meant only for the rich as anyone can afford hiring one. In fact, hiring a limousine is not that dissimilar to hiring a cab, the only difference is the impression and luxury associated with limousines. If you want to paint a positive picture to your corporate allies, clients, or even friends, nothing beats the impression created by a limo. The best part is that you don’t have to part with vast sums of money as many companies offer huge discounts to remain competitive. As such, money should not be a limiting factor if you want to enjoy an unforgettable, relaxing, and comfortable trip in a limo. Also, a limo can comfortably sit up to eleven or so people, making it the ideal mode of transportation for your party if you are traveling with your friends or guests.


Limousine services such as Limo hire Rotherham can be relied upon to get to your destination on time. Due to the professionalism embedded in the services, the driver is trained to ensure you get an enjoyable and comfortable ride to your destination. Hiring a limousine almost guarantees you timely arrival due to the different methods employed by the hiring services. Also, you don’t need to worry about driving through city streets, busy highways or getting caught up in traffic. All these hassles are passed on to the hiring services, and it is up to them to ensure that you reach your destination safely and on time.

Top 5 Kitchen Utensils for your kitchen

Do you think you have everything you need in your kitchen? Whether you are moving to your own house for the first time or you are thinking about buying some kitchen utensils that will make your life easier, below you can find a useful list with necessary utensils that will save you a lot of time in the kitchen!


Depending on your cooking style there are many different types of pans available in the market. There are three most known categories, cast iron pans, stainless steel pans and non- stick pans.  All three categories offer great results, but you need to be very careful on your selection. The best advice would be to spend some more money on pans since it is something you will have for many years. Also, low quality pans can be easily scratched and expose harmful chemicals that nobody wants.


There are some people who think that if they have two or three multipurpose knives in their kitchen they can do everything with them. That is not true! The truth is that each knife serves a different purpose. If you do not know the difference between paring and slicing knives, then you should definitely read the Cut it Fine guide where you can find all the necessary information about knives. Then you can choose which knives are suitable for you.


If you are into baking you have definitely seen the professional mixers that pastry chefs use in order to create their delicacies. Of course those mixers are quite expensive since they are made for professionals. For home use though a hand-held mixer would be sufficient. You will need it for many purposes from baking a cake to making homemade bread! The possibilities are endless and the recipes unlimited!

Pizza Cutter

Most people would say that you do not need a pizza cutter since you can use a simple knife in order to cut your pizza. But some things are better done with the right utensil. Pizza cutters are one of those tools that you really need in order to make your life easier.  They can also be used for a variety of other purposes like cutting a fruit leather and energy bars.


Who would think that there are many types of spatulas? Well, depending on how you want to use them there are spatulas made of different materials that can make your life easier. The most common materials are metal, icing and plastic. Metal spatulas are ideal for frying, icing spatulas are perfect for anything that needs spreading like frosting and butter. Plastic spatulas though are the ones that you will use the most since they are more flexible and can be used for most jobs.

Of course a kitchen needs many more things in order to be fully complete and functional. But you can start from these basic utensils and then move on to the most advanced ones. Do not forget a new house needs many more things than kitchen utensils and you need to keep a balance in your budget.

Snow Joe SJ621 Snow Thrower Safety


A Snow Blower or a snow thrower is a specialized equipment that is used to eliminate snow from areas where it is unwanted. Some of the vicinities where the presence of snow is subjected for removal may be roadway, driveway, sidewalk, railroad track, runway or ice rink. The snow throwers come in fitted with an engine that may utilize electricity, gasoline or diesel. The snow throwers either dumps away the snow to a carriage truck or it may be hauled away getting rid of snow. Snow throwers should be not confused with snow plows that are used to push snow to the front side.

Snow Joe SJ621 (Ultra 18-Inch 13.5-Amp) is an electric snow thrower model made by a company named Snow Joe that also includes a headlight and it is designed to haul away snow effectively. The details on the features of this device can be found on this link

We will cover the safety caution of this machine in detail.

Snow Joe SJ621 Safety Measures

This equipment is designed to be as safe as possible. However, you as an operator, are required to follow certain recommended safety instructions and procedures that are described below. Snow Joe warns that failure to follow these instructions may result in electric shock, fire or personal injury.

The safety measures of Snow Joe SJ621 can be grouped into the following three groups.

Safety at work premises, Electric safety and Personal safety.

Safety at Work Premises

  • The work area has to be clean with proper lighting. Congested and dark places can cause damage or injury.
  • Make sure that the location where this equipment is used is free from combustible materials such as flammable gases, liquids or dust (that may be mixed with suspended particles of flammable material).
  • Children, pets and bystanders should be kept away from the running equipment in the work area.

Electrical Safety

  • Never mess around with electric plugs and power outlets. Modified plugs without matching power outlets are a risk for electric shock.
  • Always discourage close contact from earthed and grounded electric components and surfaces.
  • Protect and keep away from tampering with electric cords and cables.
  • Immediate approach expert services to repair or replace damaged cords.
  • Keep a running snow thrower away from liquid water. Such a contact may result in a electric shock and may lead to serious physical harm or injury.
  • If extension cord is required, then always use UL-rated (usually orange in color) for outdoor all weather use.
  • Turn of the power switch snow joe SJ621 snow thrower and disconnect electric cable after shutting down the equipment for any inspection, servicing, changing accessories or cleaning the equipment.
  • If you recognize any weird sounds or any unstable running from the machine engine, turn off the machine and disconnect the power on an immediate basis. Approach authorized Snow Joe/Sun Joe service center for proper consultancy.

 Personal Safety

  • Keep vigilance during operating the machine.
  • Wear proper clothing. Do not wear loose clothing.
  • Keep your body, body parts and clothes away from moving parts of the snow thrower.
  • Snow Joe SJ621is designed to work on paved surfaces do not use it on gravel, stone or other unpaved surfaces. The machine has to be adjusted to be used on unpaved surfaces.
  • Avoid carrying the machine with hands close to the start button while the machine is plugged in to prevent accidental turn on of the machine.
  • Do not exert unnecessary coercion over the snow thrower during operation of the equipment. Use constant force.
  • A broken on/off switch should be repaired immediately. An electric appliance is not safe to use when it cannot be properly controlled with a switch.
  • If there is a hit with an object during snow throwing, shut down and unplug the equipment. Inspect the damage. If you are not used to working on such machines seek technical help to repair or replace components before restarting the snow thrower.
  • Do not direct the chute at an individual or windows. The thrown snow may contain objects accidently picked and may cause damage or injury.
  • Store the snow thrower in a dry place away from children, pets and unauthorized access.
  • Keep a check and inspection on different parts against misalignment and breakage that may affect the performance of these machines.

It is extremely important to understand the functionality of Snow Joe SJ621in the light of these instructions for the safe use of this snow thrower model. Following these terms put forward by the manufacturer has long lasting benefits and reliable functioning of this machine.