Know Your SPA Luxury Cool Touch Bamboo Plush Top Mattress Pad



When you decide to make an upgrade to your bedroom, there are different things you need to do. One of the best things you can implement is to buy a luxury mattress pad since the pad can be used for a myriad of other purposes including keeping you warm during the cold weather. With so many brands on the market, some not so good, you must be wondering where to find the best mattress pads?

If you want to add some comfort to your bedroom and enjoy great benefits, you can consider the SPA luxury cool touch bamboo plush top mattress pad.

This pad measures 60” by 80” and is made of a bamboo top fabric blend that makes it cool to the skin and comfortable. The pad is generally filled with padding and weighs 6 pounds. When assembled, the height of the package is just 1 inch, making it portable and ideal for the family on the move. The fibers used in the manufacture are made of bamboo, which is soft, if not softer than cotton. The pad is machine washable and you can dry using the regular machine. The fabric is soft and plush, meaning it doesn’t crink when you place it on the bed.

The Pros

  1. The bamboo fabric is silky to the touch and soft against the skin. One of the best ways to enjoy a good night’s sleep is to make sure the fabric you sleep on is comfortable and cool. This bamboo fabric blend does just that – it is soft enough to give you the sleep you desire. It is also hypoallergenic having been manufactured from natural plant fibers.
  2. This mattress pad is designed in a flexible way to fit a mattress that ranges from 7” to 20”. This saves you the time you have to spend shopping for a pad that will fit a large mattress. With mattresses being manufactured with a variety of thicknesses, you can now pick this pad and get going without worrying about the fit.
  3. The insides of the pad’s fabric are a generous amount of plush materials to give you extra comfort. The best thing is that you can wash the pad without the inside materials lumping together.
  4. The product comes with an innovative Infinity Skirt that allows the pad to fit snugly around your mattress. This makes it easy and quick to fit the pad on your mattress.
  5. The pad gives you dual benefits because you can use it to cover the mattress and add some comfort to your night at the same time.
  6. The cooling experience keeps you from sweating at night, and will definitely keep you from feeling all sweaty and clammy come the hot summer months.
  7. The material is of high quality and lasts long even with regular use.

The Cons

The pad is slightly bulky and might not fit into your average washer. You might be forced to use a large capacity washer for the task.

You don’t have access to settings that would allow you to regulate the temperature. It comes with a set cooling level that you don’t have the options to change.

Conclusion and Who This Product is for

Are you always waking up feeling sweaty and clammy, and then this is the product you need. The pad adds some cooling effect to you and makes hot summer nights more bearable. This product is made of an extra-soft material that is soft to the skin and plush. You can use the pad as a mattress cover during the day and as a cooling add-on during the night, which gives you dual benefits for the price of one. The size fits large beds, saving you on the time you spend hunting for the best large mattress pad.

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