Safety concerns of Bluetooth headphones

Mobile phones are not just to make calls, they have redefined fashion and people can’t just live without having a mobile toy to brandish. Amazingly, both genders tend to fall in love with the trending idea of holding stylish mobiles regardless of the brand.

Hands-free usage is fast taking over the in the mobile world, and there is growing concern over the health implications of Bluetooth headphones, now that cord headphones are making way for the Bluetooth version that is revolutionizing the market. Users are raising questions regarding how safe Bluetooth radiation to the human body or ears, since everyone wants to use phones without having to hold them up.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is named after a Danish king that unified the whole of the Scandinavian peoples under his rule in the 900s. However, the digital device sends shortwaves communication signals between devices using electromagnetic signals; it is actually a communication protocol. Invented in the early part of the 1990s, it is fast becoming associated with the mobile phone industry lately.

Primarily, Bluetooth is a Wi-Fi kind of light according to Physicists, that means it has almost the same frequencies as the Wi-Fi, and very similar to microwave frequencies as well, though they are not that close. However, Bluetooth is less potent or powerful, so it can’t travel a long distance, this explains its limitations and use in only limited instances.

Is RF radiation safe?

RF radiation is the dangerous radiation emits by cell phones that affect human health. Broadly speaking, the radiation can be grouped into three major types: the genotoxic, the thermal, and the non-thermal types of radiations.

Too much exposure to RF radiation may cause brain tumor, headache, nausea, fatigue and in some cases, difficulty in concentration.

Bluetooth headsets are safe to use

People fear that the electromagnetic waves associated with modern electronics may be dangerous to human health, but there is no scientific proof to justify this claim.

Some people develop EMF hypersensitivity, people with the condition may have nausea and headache, but the condition is not medically associated with the Bluetooth radiation or electromagnetic waves.

The Bluetooth headphones offer a better way to use the mobile phones, it is even safer than Wi-Fi in terms of radiation, because it emits a fraction of radiations emitted by both Wi-Fi and the microwaves.

Since Bluetooth emits less radiation at a level that is not harmful to human health, it is not a bad idea to get a good Bluetooth set from, that will both protect you from abnormal bouts of harmful RF radiations and add glamor and style to your everyday life.

There is no need to entertain fairs of Bluetooth radiation since it is established that Bluetooth radiation is not harmful to human health, but you can avoid direct use of mobile phones to your ears to prevent excessive exposure to the dreaded RF radiation that mobile phones emit to the eardrums.

Holding the phone away from the ears is better than the direct placing of the mobile phone to the ears, but the best way to minimize radiation is to use a Bluetooth headset.

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