The Best Tips for Freezing Smoothie Bags and Fruit

The process of smoothie making is quite simple but you do need a lot of time for it. There is a lot of chopping and dicing needed and you need to have all the products on hand to create the smoothie. Once you have started your smoothie, there is no running to the store for a missing ingredient. To find a good smoothie maker for your family you can read more about the best smoothie blender reviews so you can find the right smoothie maker for your household.

How to freeze fruit for smoothies

Freezing fruit for smoothies is a great idea because all the fruit in your fridge that is about to go bad can relive in your smoothies later on. If you have ready chopped and frozen fruits in your fridge, you also save a lot of time on chopping and peeling.

You can freeze your fruit in two different ways; one way is by making smoothie ready packs that contain all the ingredients for your smoothie. The other way is by freezing up your fruits in different packs so you can determine the flavor of your smoothie later on.

Not all fruits freeze well and you will either have to do some experimenting or read up about which fruits can be frozen.

To freeze your fruits you need to peel them, clean them and chop them. Next, you need to dry the chopped pieces on a paper towel. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay our chopped fruits on it with space between pieces. Place the baking sheet in the freezer for three hours and then place the fruits in a zip lock bag. Remember to remove all air and seal the zip lock bag. You can now store the fruit up to 9 months and use it as you need it because the fruit pieces will be loose.

How to make smoothie packs

If you want your smoothie process super easy then include all the ingredients for your smoothie in the same zip lock pack. You can include all the mixes in these packs as you like and make a wide range of packs for your freezer. The great part about these packs is the fact that you no longer have to freeze the fruits individually because the entire pack will go into the blender. 

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