Top 5 Kitchen Utensils for your kitchen

Do you think you have everything you need in your kitchen? Whether you are moving to your own house for the first time or you are thinking about buying some kitchen utensils that will make your life easier, below you can find a useful list with necessary utensils that will save you a lot of time in the kitchen!


Depending on your cooking style there are many different types of pans available in the market. There are three most known categories, cast iron pans, stainless steel pans and non- stick pans.  All three categories offer great results, but you need to be very careful on your selection. The best advice would be to spend some more money on pans since it is something you will have for many years. Also, low quality pans can be easily scratched and expose harmful chemicals that nobody wants.


There are some people who think that if they have two or three multipurpose knives in their kitchen they can do everything with them. That is not true! The truth is that each knife serves a different purpose. If you do not know the difference between paring and slicing knives, then you should definitely read the Cut it Fine guide where you can find all the necessary information about knives. Then you can choose which knives are suitable for you.


If you are into baking you have definitely seen the professional mixers that pastry chefs use in order to create their delicacies. Of course those mixers are quite expensive since they are made for professionals. For home use though a hand-held mixer would be sufficient. You will need it for many purposes from baking a cake to making homemade bread! The possibilities are endless and the recipes unlimited!

Pizza Cutter

Most people would say that you do not need a pizza cutter since you can use a simple knife in order to cut your pizza. But some things are better done with the right utensil. Pizza cutters are one of those tools that you really need in order to make your life easier.  They can also be used for a variety of other purposes like cutting a fruit leather and energy bars.


Who would think that there are many types of spatulas? Well, depending on how you want to use them there are spatulas made of different materials that can make your life easier. The most common materials are metal, icing and plastic. Metal spatulas are ideal for frying, icing spatulas are perfect for anything that needs spreading like frosting and butter. Plastic spatulas though are the ones that you will use the most since they are more flexible and can be used for most jobs.

Of course a kitchen needs many more things in order to be fully complete and functional. But you can start from these basic utensils and then move on to the most advanced ones. Do not forget a new house needs many more things than kitchen utensils and you need to keep a balance in your budget.

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