Using Instagram Bots to market your brand and grow your Instagram account

All social media platforms have businesses and Internet savvy entrepreneurs using them to launch marketing campaigns in order to build their businesses, brands and personal profiles. Instagram is currently very popular and believed to be the most effective at doing this as it allows businesses the ability to interact with your followers on a very personal level. Marketing on Instagram can be a very tedious and time-consuming process. That is why they have sought the help of automated Bot services to help manage and optimize their accounts.

Your account must have followers if you are intending on growing your brand:

The hardest part is to get users from your target audience or related profiles to follow your account. The best way to get users to follow your profile is to engage with them.

It can be quite tedious and time-consuming even when using the best and most popular methods for gaining followers.

Many will use the ‘follow, like, comment’ approach to gain more followers. The first step would be to follow accounts that are relevant to yours or follow users that follow other accounts similar you yours.

Then you can engage with them by liking their content and commenting on their posts. The idea is that they would reply, check out your account and follow you back. This method is effective, however, it is very time consuming and there is no guarantee that targeted users will follow you back.

An automated service will help:

That is why an Instagram bot is the perfect tool to interact with users and help you gain followers, thus consequently build and expose your brand or personal profile awareness.

This automated service will use the same ‘follow, like, comment’ approach on autopilot. It is a more time-efficient approach that will allow you to engage with followers without spending all your time doing it manually.

Instagram does not support the use of Bots:

Many Instagram users have used Bots and enjoyed successful results, However, Instagram has made it known that it is against the use of Bots. It views this method as non-organic when growing your account.

This has caused a major problem for Bot users and led to controversy when Instagram decided to crackdown on Bots. As a result, many of the leading Bots got shut down having an effect on both business and personal user accounts leaving these Bot users angry and wondering what to do next.

There are still many Bots available in 2018:

The good news is it is only the start of 2018 and there have been many new Bot services on the market.  However, many users are wondering which one to invest in to continue the growth of their accounts. Current Bots on the market include:

    • Follow Adder
    • InstaQ
    • Instato

The top Bot currently on the market is FollowAdder. It survived Instagrams recent crackdown and thus is viewed as a safe and reliable Bot. It has all of the typical features that Bots usually have along with some additional bonus features. Some of the best advantages of using FollowAdder is that it allows you to schedule your posts to look as natural as possible and avoid looking like spam.  Check out for a full review of Follow Adder. It has a free trial that you can take advantage of before deciding to fully commit to it.

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