Water Softeners And Water Purifiers – A Brief Overview

Water is the most essential requirement of every human being. Drinking water which is pure and devoid of any impurity should be the main objective to live a healthy and disease free life. Normal water is filled with many impurities and contaminants which makes the water harmful and risky to use directly. Normal water which is supplied to homes should be filtered or made softer in order to make it drinkable and devoid of any impurities.

Water is filled with many harmful impurities and contaminants and it seems to be a good alternative to use water purifiers to make the water pure and devoid of all harmful impurities. Another problem with normal water that is supplied to homes is its hardness. In areas, where sea water is supplied to homes the salt content is high which make the water hard. For maintaining the ion content in water, using water softeners is suitable and advisable.

Hard water and health hazards related to consuming hard water

Normal water which is supplied in homes is quite rich in calcium and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are quite rich in minerals and make the bones of the body stronger and healthy. It is known that calcium and magnesium are quite beneficial to our body but it should also be made sure that these minerals are only beneficial till they are taken in moderation. These minerals are present in plenty in normal water and excess of these minerals in body can cause problems tiredness, diarrhea and vomiting.

Water softeners – water softeners come in two varieties, one is salt based water softener and other is salt free water softeners.

  • Salt based water softener – salt based water softeners remove salts like calcium and magnesium completely. These softener remove the salts completely and make you can get the least amount of minerals with your water.
  • Salt free water softeners– This type of softener is quite reliable and more general to use. A salt free water softener reduces the minerals to some extent and is quite lesser in price than the salt based water softener.

Water purifiers or filters – Water filters are quite important in your homes as they remove impurities and chemicals which are harmful to your body. Harmful impurities like lead and carbon which are present in the water can cause many water borne disease and make you unwell or unhealthy over a period of time.

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